What is Camera Ready Artwork?


Custom Artwork


 Email us your Art Layout     ( a digital .eps file )


 Send us a disk ( include a printout copy with your disk)


 Send us a black & white "slick" (glossy paper with your logo)

If you are using a local printer to produce your logo, tell them the digital file MUST be able to be used in screen printing.                  (ex: an Adobe .eps file)

All colors must be "spot" colors.  If you have a photo, halftones, or "shading" it must be special quoted.


"When in doubt,,,send it in" or call us at 401-841-5646 x203






Artwork logos should be sent to us by email as a high resolution digital file with all fonts included.

You may also mail us a disk (floppy disk, CD or Zip Disk) or send us a black & white camera-ready slick.       

DIGITAL (E-Mailing your art):   We require that art be created in Adobe Illustrator® with all text converted to outlines. An .eps file. We can also accept artwork created in CorelDraw and Quark. If CorelDraw or Quark is used, please export as Adobe Illustrator PC or Macintosh format and convert all type to curves. The electronic file may be attached to an e-mail and sent to artwork@abetteridea.com. Contact name, phone number, order number and your company name must be included in the e-mail message. Please also fax a copy of the image to 401-847-8076.

*All colors must be spot colors.

*Files over 2 megs MUST be compressed before emailing.  Large e-mailed files will not be received by our email program!

Adobe Illustrator EPS files are the preferred format we  accept,  and the least likely to require additional clarifications.

Business cards, letterheads, faxes and laser prints are NOT acceptable. PDF, DOC, PUB, TIF, BMP, JPG and GIF file formats are NOT acceptable as artwork. These types of "art" files are for viewing or using on a website, NOT printing. (ex: Logo files created in Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, or home picture editing programs)  If you are unsure, then email us the file.

We have a full service Art department which can clean-up, re-draw, or re-create your logo for additional charges. (requires up to one-week). Please inquire.

 *The digital art requirements above subject to program availability at time of order. Some products use specific art requirements.

Note: MAC users: Please save your files in BinHex(.hqx)or your file transfer may be unsuccessful.

 Sending by Disk Requirements:

Disk artwork must be submitted in accepted formats only. All files must be in EPS format. Please convert all fonts to outline. All colors must be converted to sport colors with correct Pantone numbers. Please include a hard copy of the artwork with the disk.

 Faxing us Art - Simple Art  - Copy Without A Logo:

  • FAX IN: If you only want copy ( words), you may fax or email us the copy. ONLY copy, no logos.  Please indicate what fonts you prefer and the layout (ex: bold, center, smaller etc) and send to the attention of your salesperson by fax (401-847-8076) or email artwork@abetteridea.com.

 To Send Paper Art:

  • Mail In: Save artwork in accepted format. Send the slick or stat along with a hard copy printout of art and all colors ( PMS #s), a diagram, and details. Include name, item ordered, event date and payment of order.


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